I had to

I got the nice bracelet from someone awhile ago. It’s from Never Take It Off brand bracelet. The bracelet is made of pink and silver coloured beads and brown thread. I wanted to give this one as a small giveway contest. And it’s the official Never Take It Off bracelet. Not fake. You can’t buy it on their webpage, this one is special made. The tag stands “ALL” for Automatic Loveletter.
All you have to do and win this NTIO bracelet is;+ Like this post+ Reblog this post+ And if you’re Norwegian or just want to support Automatic Loveletter Norway, “Like” the Facebook page or you’re an European A.L.L fan then “Like” this Facebook page.
- ONLY one reblog per Tumblr user, not 100 post from one user. If you think you have bigger opporunities then you’re wrong. Everyone has the right to win. This contest is not an official Automatic Loveletter contest, only run by myself, the leader of Automatic Loveletter Norway. I will annonce the winner 5th February.
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